Conflicts Dynamic Profile

Conflict Dynamics Profiling (CDP) utilises the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment tools developed by the Centre for Conflict Dynamics in Eckerd College, Florida, to assess conflict behaviours and triggers. CDP provides managers with a powerful way to improve their self-awareness of what triggers them into conflict in the workplace and once triggered, how they respond, both constructively and destructively. The ultimate aim of this process is to enable managers to develop their constructive responses which enable them to resolve and manage conflict with greater efficiency and to become conflict competent.

A Conflict Management Programme utilising the CDP assessment tool involves three stages

  • The CDP assessment is completed online. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. A comprehensive feedback report is provided together with a detailed Development Guide.
  • A training day with the Management Team gives a greater understanding of conflict behaviour and utilises skills practice to help learn better constructive behaviours.
  • A confidential individual half day coaching session to develop new practical solutions and strategies to help resolve a given conflict or the development of a new approach to dealing with conflict generally.