Benefits for the Clients

The benefits include:

  • Saves cost & time:
    Disputes are very costly. First, there is the often unquantifiable cost of disruption to your business, your career and / or your life. Second, is the uncontrollable legal costs. Settling your case through mediation brings an end to all of that as well as the stress on you and those around you.
  • Greater success:
    My success rate is 83%. This means that 8 out of 10 cases settle in the mediation process making it a very low risk strategy for you.
  • Preserves business relationships:
    We all know that relationships are critical.
    A breakdown in relationships does not have to be the end. Mediation helps parties focus on important commercial interests/needs and provides them with the only real opportunity of saving the relationship.
  • Private & Confidential:
    It is private and confidential. The outcome is tailored to parties needs rather than legal positions.
  • Control:
    The parties are in control of the outcome. Control stays with you; the decision making is in the hands of the parties and their advisers, not the Courts.